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You never notice, and he already inseparable

Latest MIUI7 standard system, 5 sets you free to choose the system interface, system-level optimization will enhance the speed of response of 30%, as well as
Develop common applications saving strategy, prolonged use of mobile phones up to 25%. Not only good-looking, fast, and easy to use. Built millet store offers video games, books, life, shopping and other 16 categories of applications to download, work on the road watching a movie, or read a few good books, according to the application to do a fine gourmet dinner treat yourself or give himself fake, look up travel, book tickets start now.
life every need, redmi 3 has excellent application to help you complete.

MI Video

Mobile entertainment center

Let your every minute, every second of fun. RedMi3 mi built video applications, contains 100,000 portions
popular videos, all together Fabric resources, covering TV, movies, animation, arts, games, sports, documentaries and live such as the eight category, meet your entertainment demand. You can watch online live video buffer or to the phone, rest, watch the road or waiting for the bus at any time, no longer miss moments.

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Pocket Library

More books can enrich the spiritual world, read good books, can make their own transformation. Built to look at reading application, with up to 6 Genuine million copies of books, covering almost popular classics and recent selling all kinds of books, you can put all the books like light redmi 3 , There is no paper books heavy trouble, it can carry a library, or spare his way to work can be read at any time.

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Game Stores

Pick a game
Hands-on test of what

Excellent performance, rich gaming applications, redmi3 Enough to be your new favorite game. Whether you love shooting games, action games, or make the hole wide open brain strategy game, you can be in redmi3 The smooth running.
Are you ready? Now to pick a favorite portion of the game, challenge it!

Learn the game
The kitchen

Love food
They are happy

Sichuan want to eat? Cantonese? Hunan? Or to a fine French cuisine? Chinese and Western cuisine or want dinner table? Why do not feel personally penned the fun of it? redmi 3 learn new dishes, drinks practices, to understand the secret behind the achievements of delicious meal, you only need to put on a food application so simple! Try it now!

Amoy on the road

Go "wild" it!
Give your heart a break

Travel plan, or that you have on the road? redmi 3 built-in application store offers a wealth of travel application, you can always get travel tips, discount tickets.
For example, open Amoy road applications, not only to Amoy Value Holiday Packages, you can also refer to the classic gameplay senior traveler provided to a depth of play. You can also travel goods selling season standings, with a copy to a friend who souvenirs.
Do not travel with the group a lot of restrictions, redmi 3 The Travel application, Start your holiday right.


Light office

RedMI 3 Genuine free installation WPS office After office applications, wherever, whenever and wherever you can view, receive, send e-mail. You can even roam modify your documents, spreadsheets, PPT presentation document, just by clicking, dragging, etc., you can make a nice presentation documents or spreadsheets.

One hundred words cut

Ready to learn
Meet future

Learn How to Make Pa? Learning is one of the ways at any time. For example, Redmi3 Mounting cut one hundred words, can help you take advantage of the rapid accumulation of fragmented time vocabulary, pulling out the phone lock screen can also be the word back, encountered problems open redmi 3 Built-in browser, search for a solution, you can focus on learning more efficient than usual, to recharge.

fast! Speed up to 30%
Long! Extended battery life of up to 25%

Based on the underlying system-level speed, optimize processes open application, system operation from the original 3 Together as a 2 One, the system response time is faster 30%. It can also be smarter scheduling tasks based on usage priority response required tasks, no more waiting for a second. At the same time, your favorite applications have set the power saving strategy was 11, as well as intelligent control is no longer used, but "secretly" power-hungry back-office applications, the length of time you use 25%。 In the end how fast? More power?
Personally experience it.

Both inside and outside the United States, if you personalize

If you reject rigid personality, then we provide a variety of ways for you to change. For example, MIUI 7 The default for you five sets of system interface: By default, boys and girls, light extravagance, goddess, but also with a wealth of themes, customized unique phone. More than 3,000 designers, to provide you with more than 15,000 sets of a theme, you're sure to find that a favorite. You decide what set of redmi 3 interface?

Xiaomi - Srilanka