Xiaomi - Srilanka

Fine makes sense
Stunning surprise

Youth is growing a natural, unexpected metamorphosis, and as we grow together redmi 3 Mobile: beautiful metal body makes sense, 4166 brought the stars of fashion Temperament is unexpected. 4100mAh large battery makes sense, 8.5mm thin, 144g light touch is unexpected. Of course, toward what is ahead, change is not unexpected. More sophisticated technology and more advanced technology, more sophisticated structure, so that redmi 3 success becomes inevitable. Metamorphosis is what we aspire to have, and now different from the past.

4100mAh Thin!
8.5mm Persistence!

To enhance the energy density of the battery 685Wh/L,Then slightly
Increasing the battery size, you can get 4100mAh Great power.
But want to ensure that light touch, you must re-arrangement of components.
We use a more compact circuit board, after cover with innovative embedded battery compartment, finally secured enough space for a large battery, the only 8.5mm Inside the body, creating a lasting experience.

Want to feel extraordinary five inches, bigger battery cell phone, redmi3 is perhaps your best choice.

0.3mm Embedded battery compartment cover

5 inches screen phone how to store 4100mAh Large battery? Engineers turned to the back cover, carved out of the back cover 0.3mm Thick battery compartment, the large battery embedded therein to maintain 8.5mm Slim figure.

Close to the metal battery cover Embed metal battery cover

Plaid stars
Shine every angle

When the metal machine is becoming a trend, redmi3 It has become a fashion.
From the back of the fuselage 4166 Stars into a diamond arrangement, inspired by the stars in the night sky. You can not only see sand brought soft, we could see the sparkle exposure and development process to bring results, especially in light walk between the dots, stars are sequentially
Lights, like little stars under rising Twilight mapped to the eyes, you can feel rich visual changes. redmi3 Shiny appearance, like you can not hide Ambilight, and you complement each other.

Cleverly designed to be very thoughtful

Your redmi 3 Although strong, we additionally secure it. 0.1mm high screen surrounded by borders, you can almost feel it, but benefit from this clever design for the desktop screen when the phone is placed to protect the screen to avoid direct friction with the desktop.
when you accidentally drop your phone, the protective frame can reduce the impact of efforts to make the screen more secure.

Magnesium alloy structure, rugged from the inside out

We phone every redmi 3 requirement is: from the inside out strong. Screen
not only the need to protect the internal components also need protection.
Magnesium alloy material as the body's internal structure, even if the phone collision, but also to better protect the internal components, and lightweight characteristics make redmi 3 Light sturdiness.

Favorite a cell phone, sections are masterpiece

If the redmi 3 is your favorite one, it must be because it leisurely masterpiece: fashion gold, silver fashion, classic fashion dark gray and gold.
Gold seamless version, the back is gold, gold is positive, the overall sense of the four most. Silver Edition simple and bright, white front and silver back with, clean and transparent. Grey version back as if the night sky, black front most calm and reserved for you. If you like simple design, choose no stars Check classic golden version. Which to choose one, your heart must have been answered.

5 inches, metal, light, thin
All the necessary elements of a good feeling

In the hand, not willing to lay down, as we used this experience called love, redmi 3 it is such a mobile phone.
It has almost all the elements of a good feeling. 5-inch screen can ensure that most of the area one-handed operation screen, up to more smooth
Metal body convey the unique touch of metal, curved income side more fit the palm, to mention only 144g, 8.5mm thin.
In your hand, please do not forget it is a high-performance, 4100mAh large battery of a good phone.

Xiaomi - Srilanka