Xiaomi - Srilanka

With an excellent camera, record your wonderful transformation

Has a youthful heart, you can always meet new self, every second you are memorable.
13 million pixels works for you to provide good quality, fast 0.1 second phase focusing speed, can help you easily capture moments, this technology
Initially used only for professional cameras. Want to work more tension, you can also do by HDR mode and 12 kinds of real-time filter.
Good quality, focusing fast, can quickly create, your youth playmate from more than redmi 3.

0.1 seconds faster to phase focusing
1300 megapixel camera

A trip, a game, every experience is a transformation. 13 million pixels to bring good quality, high-definition can restore the magnificent monuments, from professional cameras phase focusing technology to focus fast 0.1 Second, as a general phone without contrast-type AF, repeatedly move the camera to find focus,
So you will not miss a good opportunity to capture. Photographic equipment has been fully equipped and is now only waiting for you to find a better, a better record.

HDR mode
make work more impact

Light is essential for a good photo. When shooting outdoors landscapes, sky and land
usually have great contrast, can occur when shooting prairie sky overexposed or too dark. When shooting with HDR mode, it automatically for you to shoot three different exposures of pictures, each picture of the advantages of the merger, a more detailed masterpiece vividly.

12 kinds of realtime filters
your work distinctive

When her friends surprised at your masterpiece, you must be very proud!
When shooting, 12 kinds of filters in real time so that works with a variety of styles, cultural documentary-style black and white, or sweet Japanese style, contrasting bokeh, or funny fish-eye style, there are dramatic mirror style, Zhang masterpiece has its own characteristics and stories.

Panorama mode, take a photo outside the field of vision

When you are surrounded by beautiful surroundings, how to record the beauty of it? Even wide angle lens, only included a limited angle landscape open redmi3 panorama mode, press the shutter all speed rotation, the camera will record all your Big place, generating an atmosphere of panoramas for you. Now, a picture can tell the surrounding scenery.

36 Smart Self-portrait camera

Redmi3 front camera comes with beauty features, without the self-timer after landscaping photo, circle of friends to share directly.
Turn on self-camera beauty features, real-time finder will be able to see their beauty after, do not bother to pull out cosmetic makeup. Face Recognition function can measure your
Age and gender, and automatically adjusts the level of beauty, you just need to find a good angle, smile, be able to take a more beautiful self. When the self-timer pictures with friends, not only wide-angle lens can be friends all revenue picture, and convenient countdown feature to help you easily pose, easily shoot "family"!

  • using redmi3 was Taken in Tengchong
  • using redmi3 was Taken in Sri lanka

A 1080p full HD video recording, so happy impressive

Photos can not be recorded laughter, then use it to record video redmi 3. 1080p format can record full HD video, you can show on your HD TV, ready to relive wonderful moments. You can also use fast motion recording period of life silhouette, as if the fast-forward time.
Pre 5-megapixel camera, support for full HD video recording, you can also use it to friends video calls, send care.

Xiaomi - Srilanka