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RedMI 3 pro

4100mAh Long standby / metal body, optional fingerprint
incredible transformation

3GB + 32GB / Fingerprint

Incredible transformation

Metamorphosis is always an unexpected surprise, as new you bursting out with dazzling brilliance, and if the new redmi 3 incredibly fast, powerful and beautiful.

You must be incredible, a redmi 3 mobile phone equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 high-performance processor, 4100mAh [1] large batteries, metal body, 13 megapixel camera and a camera from the professional phase focus technology ... even more amazing it is that even compared to the previous generation thin 0.9mm, it is still an outstanding representative of five inches screen and comfortable feel.

slim, pretty, nice redmi 3 so incredible, because we firmly believe that to improve performance, process improvements, with more new technology, our redmi 3 phone will certainly better. Youth is no longer an excuse for us, it is the driving force behind our growth. It is time to recognize the new redmi 3 mobile phone, but also let the world know a new you.

A performance machine
Qualcomm Xiaolong 616 high-performance processor

Not only to meet the daily simple applications, redmi 3 had been clearly defined early in the design: to have a good performance.
64-bit processors and eight cores, the processor is a high-performance standards. redmi 3 not only equipped with such a processor, and is designed for system-level performance tuning tuning, performance four 1.5GHz cores and four 1.2GHz cores power, based on the use of intelligent scene open or closed, smooth operation while lower power consumption. Up to 128GB[3]Expansion of storage, you can be eight times in the past, music, movies, and works carry.

  • 4100mAh
    Large capacity battery
  • Full Netcom
    Mobile / Unicom / Telecom
  • Xiao Long 616
    High-performance processor
  • Phase focusing
    13 megapixel camera
  • 144g
    Light touch[2]
  • 64Place
    A53 architecture
  • 8nuclear
    High-performance chips
  • 2GB memory
    Optional 3GB high version
  • 16GB storage
      Optional 32GB high version

Pick a game, started to experience it personally

  • Need for Speed
  • Cross Fire
  • Jin Yong's Heroes
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted

    Racing games we used to detect the phone's performance, on the redmi 3 play "Need for Speed" will not only run smoothly, but the picture and lighting is very real, just like the track in person, enjoy the experience coaster stimulation.

  • Cross Fire: King Shootout

    Shooters require that the phone must be sensitive handling. On the redmi 3 play "cross fire", you can quickly respond to every instruction, every battle are hearty.

  • Jin Yong's Heroes

    Card games usually have cool skills. For example, redmi 3 play "Jin Yong's Heroes", excellent picture performance, so your hero moves when the screen shock, your heart must be very excited. Come together to challenge the next level now.

4100mAh Thin large battery
Power nearly 2 times, but thin 0.9mm

Greater power, the phone is the eternal goal. We seek to improve battery technology, battery energy density up to 685Wh / L, upgrade technology standards, allowing the battery 4100mAh large shelter at 8.5mm thin body. Extend talk time compared to the previous generation of 80% [4] . With the new system level energy, to meet the general office nearly three days to learn the power needed [5] , even a short holiday travelers no longer need to carry mobile power. Supports 5V / 2A fast charge technology, no more waiting for a second. With them for a long time, get up and feel good, it is a new interpretation of the redmi 3.

  • Redmi2
  • Redmi3

Fingerprint recognition
Everything begins with a wonderful fingertip

High-performance, stand-lasting, high color value, one hand holding a comfortable feel, perhaps
redmi 3 is ideal for you, now, one more reason to love it.

Version of the new high with fingerprint recognition, Free lose your password or hand-drawn graphics, index finger
mildly, will be able to unlock the phone quickly identifiable, easy to experience the fun of science and technology

13MP Phase focusing camera
Focus fast to 0.1 second

Take a masterpiece using a mobile phone is very simple. redmi 3 with high-quality sensor, so photos have excelled. From professional camera focus technology phase, the focus speed of 0.1 seconds, helping you to easily capture the children smile, cute face Meng pet. There are flexible camera HDR mode and play gives you more room for creativity. Moreover, redmi 3 front camera also comes with beauty features, each self-portraits are more touching you.

Full Netcom dual card dual standby
3 selected 2 SIM card slot

RedMI3 support Mobile, China Unicom, the three major telecom operators 4G network. It supports dual card dual standby, can be placed two phone cards. If you have only one phone number, you can also increase an expansion memory card Micro SD card free SIM card slot, this clever design allows you to phone the highest expansion 128GB, to store more content.

Starry metal body
Ambilight can not hide

RedMI 3 Uniform metal color, enough to become the heart of your loved one, but more complex process, but also gives it a unique fashion sense.
4166 Stars "stars"[6]Embellishment on the back of the fuselage, between the light flow, as if to see the moonlight? Starlight pavilions. Gold Edition Quintana seamless golden, silver version with white facade, pure simplicity, as well as positive black fashion gray version, each version has a more distinct personality, temperament as yo

5"Screen comfortable grip
A screen three science and technology

Clarity is a basic requirement of the screen, smart, easy to use can be called a good screen RedMI 3 Support sun screen, in real time according to ambient light, dynamically adjust the screen contrast, in the bright light can see the screen. Precision screen backlight control, at night using smart to adjust brightness and comfortable, with friends for a long time will not feel tired, and eye pattern for love reading you protect eyes
A screen three science and technology,RedMI 3 The screen must be why your heart good screen.

MIUI 7, fast, power, design for you

The new phone, new systems, new experience! We are ready to personalize your default light extravagance, goddess, boys and girls 5 Sets the system interface, with a built-in theme system, you can customize unique redmi 3 . Not only personalized, but also easier to use. System-level optimization Reduce response time, open the application speed 30%As many usage scenarios based on intelligent control of electricity, phone time can be extended up to 25%. Not to mention the flood of applications, reading, games, life, travel, etc. for all aspects of your life bring convenience.

  • High version 3GB RAM + 32GB flash memory,
    support for fingerprint recognition
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  • Standard Edition
    2GB RAM + 16GB Flash
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  1. Rated capacity of 4000mAh, typical capacity 4100mAh.
  2. 144g Average weight, the weight in the production process may vary slightly floating.
  3. supports up to 128GB (VFAT format) extended stored.
  4. calls, listening to music, reading, video, games and other data for the laboratory test data, and compared with 2 redmi 3 under the same conditions.
  5. use of time as may be usage.
  6. vary depending on the number of stars in the actual production may vary slightly floating.
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