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High-end large-screen phone,
Aspects do Max

MI Max If you just choose a larger screen, it is not the millet Max. From the more shocking viewing experience starting, it is equipped with a high-performance Snapdragon 652/650 processor to make the game faster, with up to 4850mAh large capacity video to play longer, providing high-capacity 128GB version installed countless content. The whole high-end configuration, all aspects of the "Max", before the millet is called Max.

Xiao Long 652 / 650
High-end processors

Xiaolong 652/650 is a new generation of high-end high-pass series processors, 8/6-core Cortex A72 and A53 core high-performance computing, high-performance graphics processor with Adreno 510, not only open the application faster, even super shooting or playback HD video is not a problem.


Another optional 3GB version

4850mAh large capacity

Big screen have big power, we millet phone which is equipped with a battery capacity of the largest ever, up to 4850mAh, with the upcoming MIUI 8 system-level power optimization, so standby battery life are greatly improved. Found after battery is full, online video playback over 14 hours. General phone online playing video about 7 to 10 hours, full of millet Max power even more than TV sets to see there is no problem.

Maximum 4GB + 128GB version
Further expansion may additionally 128GB

Want more movies, photos and music are saved to a phone? Millet Max offers 4GB + 128GB version. It also supports up to 128GB Micro-SD expansion card, which means you can use your phone Expansion up to 256GB.
2 out of 3-slot design

MI Max has a clever design, the two card slots, which can choose to insert two phone cards, you can also select a phone card with a Micro-SD expansion card with use.

Ultrafast fingerprint identification

Standard fingerprint recognition, fingerprint can unlock shopping payment, view private files into the privacy of children and management mode.
Correction system with the fingerprint, you unlock success, can further enhance the recognition rate.

16 million pixel camera
Faster phase focusing technology

Tempted fleeting beauty, we want to capture the moment, more fresh record. 16 megapixels high quality sensor is a necessary condition for good quality, from professional cameras phase focusing technology that enables instantaneous focus, let you quickly capture screen.

MI Max photographs with a resolution of up to 3456 x 4680, 6-inch photo prints directly no problem.

Whitening, thin face, rosy, fill light
Personalized Self-portrait

MI Max, you do not have the self-timer before the application of makeup or landscaping. The camera not only built 36 smart beauty, but also in the upcoming MIUI 8, when the self-timer you can And determine the degree of whitening face-lift, as well as a way to beautify the eye. Realtime filters in the viewfinder has been dynamic landscaping, the only thing you need to do is find a good angle to the camera.

Full Netcom dual card dual standby
4G + high-speed network

MI Max support Mobile, China Unicom, the three major telecom operators. Dual card dual standby, two SIM card can be placed at the same time, and set an arbitrary slot to
main card. It supports high-speed 4G + network, and VoLTE HD voice calls.
High-speed network
HD Voice

A great big screen technology

MI Max screen than millet big so simple, it is equipped with several advanced display technology, it can
Intelligent adjust screen pixels, let you see in strong sunlight clear. Accurate control of the backlight, night reading not dazzling.
You can also switch to eye mode makes the screen closer to the color of the paper, more comfortable reading.
Sun screen
You want to see the screen in the sun, we need a sun screen. Real-time detection of ambient light, and the global pixel is dynamically adjusted brighten
Dark, bright holding portion, so that the sun screen is always clear and sharp.
Luminous screen
Luminous screen using more precise brightness control technology, intelligent dimming at night. Since then, whether reading or viewing,
It can be a more comfortable way before going to bed.
Eye mode
Blue screen can cause eye fatigue long view, but also affect sleep. Open mode reduces eye blue screen, the display adjustment
Eye care is more of a pale yellow, thereby reducing fatigue visual.

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4850mAh: the typ power; more than 14 hours: This data is our laboratory test data; 4G +: supports only in-band carrier aggregation 4G + network; VoLTE: require operators to support; the general mobile phone page by contrast, are millet The above data to the actual situation due to the test version of the software, the specific test environment specific versions, slightly different; its own phone. The data presented herein, unless stated otherwise, are our laboratory data. Large-screen phone is the large screen phone millet Max refers millet series phones. MIUI 8 coming soon, the products of private beta, the official version of some functions may be upgraded or changed function points, the actual situation to the official version shall prevail.

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