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200 million users worldwide expectations
MIUI 8 Coming soon

If there is one thing that can make the world's 200 million users expect, it must be the upcoming release of the new MIUI 8. With kaleidoscope-inspired, global interface redesign, changing colors and rich dynamic efficiency blowing, and is designed for large-screen optimized suspension ball, one-handed mode gives you a new experience. Make you more happy is that chip-level anti-fraud pseudo base station identification messages, phone cloned "dual system" and privacy protection, and many other black and Technology. The new version of the layers of a surprise, let us look forward.
  • Suspension ball
    Large screen shortcuts at your fingertips

    If common operations are handy how good? Try the new suspension features ball: You can return, screen shots, micro-letters, notes, and even Alipay "scan code to pay" in-app functions are defined in suspension ball, tap, one stroke can access. It has been suspended in the edge of the screen, you can drag it to any location easily. When not in use automatically and transparently, without blocking content.
  • One-handed mode
    Large screen can also be one-hand operation

    Large screen to see if the phone when operations are smaller and more easily enough! Single-mode hand to meet you. Light bottom sliding phone, the screen can be changed immediately 3.5 ", 4" or 4.5 "size, so your fingers can be operated with one hand the entire region. Tap again to restore large screen size, very convenient.
  • Lock screen Illustrated
    Good mood, light up the screen from the beginning

    Every day we light up the screen more than 100 times, if you light up the screen you can see a different exquisite pictorial nice. MIUI more than 50 senior media and depth of cooperation, you can see the beauty of Harper's Bazaar, National Geographic beauty, Artand the outstanding artists lit screen. Can choose from 12 categories, each lit 6.44 "big screen is a great start feeling.

Phone spare Privacy
Your phone has a "dual system"

We have a little secret, if there is a special secret store phone just fine. MIUI phone to help you "cloned", set up two completely separate space on your phone on a cell phone. Through different unlock password, you can enter into different desktop space, your secret micro signal, private photos, personal diaries or trade secret can be separately stored, like a cell phone in addition. Even if the connection to the computer, storage space is completely isolated. A very own private space to store all our little secret.

Applications avatar
A cell phone, two Micro Signal

Open on two computer QQ, a game or two accounts easily, open on two micro-letters or phone with two watches is hand travel accounts. MIUI 8 to help you solve the problem from the system level, micro-letters, games, QQ and other most applications, you can install two. Two micro-channel, a working circle a living area, two game account, the size of the number switch at any time.

You have never seen
Multi-task management

Read micro-channel public number of articles to the message, which is then read back or quit disappointing news? Do not tangle, the new multi-task management, not only can quickly switch between applications, even more amazing is that it cleverly in the shop window of the application, chat, public number is a separate window, you can quickly tap switch. With such a system-level black technology, your favorite applications, can be a more elegant way to use.

Pseudo base stations to identify fraudulent messages

Banks receive messages sent to the service number, you can not believe! It is likely that criminals use "pseudo-base" technology to simulate bank news, cheat you open phishing sites. MIUI 8 for all types of payment to guard against fraud: to prevent a third-party application to read SMS verification code and password. Before using Alipay payment applications to help you detect WiFi and payment environment is safe. Upon receipt of camouflage number of messages sent to the bank, will be prompt and intercept dangerous for your property, improve test all aspects of the risk to be lower.
  • Pseudo-station identification

  • Payment Security

  • Pay for environmental monitoring

Dozens of landscaping, which allows each photo is wonderful masterpiece

Third of the heavens, seven by the filter. Use MIUI 8, you do not have to ask for help "PS" or download the third-party application landscaping, built photo editing functions, providing professional brightness, contrast, saturation, cutting and other functions. Built-rich filters, simply make a few unique photos, you can even use it to add photo frames, stickers, text or mosaic, extraordinary photos, little fingers become a masterpiece.
  • Sticker
  • Quality Adjustment
  • Filter
  • Graffiti and mosaics
  • Crop and rotate freely

Shooting, editing, special effects, soundtrack
Your first movie complete with a cell phone

Use MIUI 8, you can proudly say to a friend, "I'll cut the video"! After the ultra-high definition video shot using a mobile phone, without the need to import computers, mobile phones will be able to use the clip, add filters, with a subtitle or soundtrack option, just a few minutes to complete the movie. Get out your first movie to share second shot or circle of friends, so that friends surprise it.
  • Free clips

  • Video filters

  • Effects Templates

  • The selection of music

Smart Album
Not only used to keep photos

Easy to take pictures, sorting difficult, this time to us to take care of it! Massive photos, classified by year, more panoramas dynamically show presented in a way. For screenshots, it will show the proportion of shots to complete, but also help you label shots from which applications. Circle of friends made over the map, also shows the intimate photo selection when prompted. Album is not just smart photo storage, display, sorting, editing, sharing swordsmen.
  • Panoramic photo album

  • Multiple choice tips

  • Year View

  • Screenshot Gallery

Long shots

Page cut, cut paper, cut chats

Chats, or like trying to save the screenshot of the page, usually only cut a lot of sheets, long shots feature in one go, once the entire article or page all interception into a long chart. Provide accurate crop function, how long you want to cut long cut, mark, hit the mosaic also mention.

scan it

Translation sweep, sweep card, sweeping title

Can "sweep swept away" from time to only two-dimensional code, MIUI 8 features to help you sweep sweep sweep goods, business cards sweep, sweep translation, documentation sweep, sweep image, even hard for you to answer the course questions, get answers can sweep and problem-solving ideas.


Exchange rate calculation, calculate mortgage, calculate tips

Math Calculator not only be considered, MIUI 8 calculator to help you calculate more. Exchange rate conversion, digital case conversion, mortgage calculations, tax calculation, the international unit conversion, and even how much tip to pay when traveling abroad, it can help you calculate.

Encrypted notes

Remember the mood, take notes, remember schedule

Use MIUI 8, you have one more convenient, to encryption, rich style diary. Each new template feature allows fine record look better, will support export notes image, you can use it to directly generate a small greeting card or invitation to share with friends.

System-level power optimization
Use longer, on average 2 to 3 hours

Some phones will not take a day more than the capacity of the battery problem, the background tone from another application will steal power. MIUI 8 were from the bottom of the system power management, freezing is not commonly used applications, each application is prohibited from the transfer, to save unnecessary power waste. It also provides intelligent power-saving mode when the battery is depleted, without affecting normal use, to extend mobile phone battery life 2 to 3 hours. Millet MIUI Max 4850mAh large capacity with optimized power, let you charge the full from morning till night.
  • Power saving mode
    冻Knot background application activity, suspend synchronization, download, update, and other background tasks, extend battery life.
  • Start Chain Management
    Prevent unnecessary application from intermodulation solve power, Caton problems caused by running in the background and more.
  • Background freezing process
    Freeze is not commonly used software to prevent run automatically in the background, saving power at the same time does not affect use.

The new design, like a kaleidoscope pretty

The new MIUI 8 inspired by the kaleidoscope, with which you will appreciate the rich colors, rich dynamic efficiency. The new design around every corner, notification bar, phone book, app store ... new colors and animation effects to make the interface more beautiful, but also lead to better identify and usability, not just look beautiful interface, or your new experience.

Source page:
200 million people: As of May 2016, a total of 200 million active users MIUI people, the number will change over time; 100 lit screen: user data reports from MIUI, MIUI users light up the screen average about 113 times a day; never multi-task management seen: refers only MIUI system has never appeared; extend 2 to 3 hours: this data is our laboratory test data; the general mobile phone page in the comparison, are millet own mobile phone. The above data to the actual situation due to the test version of the software, the specific test environment specific versions, but slightly different. Large-screen phone is the large screen phone millet Max refers millet series phones. MIUI 8 coming soon, the products of private beta, the official version of some functions may be upgraded or changed function points, the actual situation to the official version shall prevail.

Xiaomi - Srilanka