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Large and thin, large and beautiful

Why large-screen phone is millet Max? Screen as large as 6.44 ", but the body can in one hand. Great power to 4850mAh, but still thin and light body.
Shock perception of large screen, the elegant curve of the fuselage, in the grip hands let me exclaim: the world have great beauty.

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6.44" Large screen size gold You can pocket a large-screen phone

We want a big screen, but nobody wants the big phone. Screen Size Selection 6.44 ", both have big screen experience, while maintaining a good feel. Many big-screen, big but no phone number, by strictly controlling the overall size, weight, get in the hands of both light and thin, but also jeans pocket You can easily hold.

Thin Metal body, curved income side

Millet Max only thin 7.5mm, which is almost 5 millet quite slim. In the metal body curved added income side, more fit the palm, thin self-evident.

2.5D Curved glass, feel further

Positive use 2.5D curved glass, smooth surfaces at the edge of the fuselage natural transition, fingers more smooth operation, not Ge hand.

3 typesColors

MI Max Positive for pure white back, available in three colors: elegant gold, silver sober, calm light gray. Whether Which color, thin, big-screen, big battery millet Max sections are excellent.

Xiaomi - Srilanka