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MI MaxBig screen big battery

6.44" large screen、4850mAh large capacity, large-screen phone is MI Max

「3GB + 32GB」

Big screen, watch movies, TV shows enough shock

Subtitles, Obama, the goddess of all sight, two people can watch together.

  • 4.7" iPhone 6s
  • 6.44" MIMax

Big screen, play games shoo

Big screen to play games not only grand horizons, as well as precise control experience. To upgrade soon, you have to use the big screen.

  • 6.44" MI Max
  • 4.7" iPhone 6s

Large screen, read novels, comics Yimushihang

Read the novel a display text more, without frequent flip, magazines and comic images can be clearly seen, and comfortable reading size, comparable to a professional e-book reader.

  • 6.44" MI Max
  • 4.7" iPhone 6s

Large screen, increase office efficiency

With a large screen easily view reports, documents, PPT, without magnification, can see clear. You can modify the content directly on your phone, and productive.

  • 6.44" MI Max
  • 4.7" iPhone 6s

Large screen, traffic routes at a glance

When driving can easily see the navigation, the driver was safe enough to search addresses, easy to enter the big screen.

  • 6.44" MI Max
  • 4.7" iPhone 6s

6.44 "large screen size gold
thin metal body, glass front 2.5D

7.5mm thin, 203g light. Feel good thin large-screen self-evident.
Front with 2.5D glass, with a metal body, feel further.

Watch video appearance

Great to have a big-screen power
4850mAh long life

The largest-ever capacity battery with millet phone, battery life is amazing. General phone can play video 7 to 10 hours, millet Max in the actual test can play video more than 14 hours, even more than to see Jimei drama there is no problem.

Watch battery test video

up to an optional 3GB + 32GB

If you want to carry more exciting content, we offer a maximum capacity of 32GB version,
there are 2 out of 3 smart card slot, and then expand an additional 128GB.

Makes you excited is the big screen, but also high-end performance

6.44 "large screen may be the reason you love it, do not forget, it is a high-performance mobile phones.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 652/650 high-end processor, 16MP phase focusing the camera, the entire network 3.0, fingerprint recognition, a lot of everything .

Xiaolong 652/650
Qualcomm high-end processors
16MP Camera
Support phase focusing
Full Netcom 3.0
Network support 4G +
Fingerprint recognition
Fast recognition speed
Infrared remote control
Electric remote control thousands of models
Dual SIM
Support Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom phone cards

200 million users worldwide expect
MIUI 8 coming soon

The new MIUI 8, inspired by the "Kaleidoscope", chip-level anti-fraud pseudo base station identification messages,
as well as mobile phone spare "dual system" privacy protection and many other black technological innovation.

  • 3GB RAM + 32GB Flash

  • 3GB RAM + 64GB Flash

  • 4GB RAM + 128GB Flash

Xiaomi - Srilanka